I have been living in Harlem for more than a decade. Every day I observe children buying sodas and cookies at the deli nearby before they go to school. After school, they eat chips, sweets, and other unhealthy snacks. The streets are full of ads for fast food brands offering cheap meals. How attractive! 


EAT ME! Is a metal mosaic of about 1,500 printed metal squares that will be hung on the chain-link fence at the Eugene McCabe field which is use for sport league. The photographs to be used for this sculptural photo-assemblage are details of healthy foods, especially fruits and vegetables. The topic of this piece is nutrition, a global health challenge especially present in Harlem, which faces problems of overweight and obesity. The project’s goal is to remind the public, especially the young, that nutritious food and good eating habits help us to stay healthy.


Fruits and vegetables were bought in the neighborhood. The photographs will be based exclusively on what is sold locally. The point is to show that healthy food is available and affordable in the neighborhood.

EAT ME! Is made possible with funding provided by the Public Art Initiative or Marcus Garvey Park Alliance 

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