In my search for colors and textures, I looked down on my feet and I created a new series I named "Nid-de-Poule." Nid-de-poule, has a double meaning in French: it literally means “hen’s nest,” but it is also used to mean “pothole,” as in those attributes of so many New York City streets. I was pregnant when I was taking pictures of painted pavements in New York. This physical change made me look down at my feet more frequently, and I discovered to my great surprise the beauty and the richness of the painted parts of the streets. The sculptural round shape of the artworks reminds me the two meanings put together.  Pregnancy is beautiful but it is a long road until delivery, with lots of changes but also difficulties both mentally and physically—you have to make so many adjustments in your life. My Nid-de-poule collages reveal all that: the nest, the beauty and the danger of carrying a new life that may arise from the process of just living one’s life.

visual artist

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