Bourcart immigrated to the United States and has called New York, specifically Harlem her home since 2006. She grew up in Alsace (the Germanic region of Eastern France) and identifies as French with Vietnamese heritage.

Bourcart’s mixed media assemblages and photo collages employ a wide range of techniques, informed by her own multicultural background and the work of artisans explored through extensive travel. Bourcart’s practice although based in photography early on in her career, has expanded beyond the boundaries of the medium and includes the creation of the artist’s own alphabet and the formation of patterns, essentially creating a new language.

Bourcart is a self-taught artist trained in New York City at the International Center of Photography where she was also an assistant teacher. Her work has been exhibited internationally in numerous galleries and art venues including New York, Boston, Philadelphia, California, Colorado, Illinois, Missouri, Minnesota, North Carolina, North Dakota, Oregon, France, and Switzerland. Her photo-based works are part of the collections of museums in France and New York. Bourcart was invited to participate in several art fairs including Art on Paper, Art Wynwood, and Flux Art Fair, and she won a Honorable Mention Award at the National Juried Exhibition titled Black & White in 2020. She was also awarded numerous grants such as Lower Manhattan Cultural Council grants, Uniqlo Park Expressions grant, and The Puffin Foundation grant. Currently, Bourcart is an MFA candidate at the School of Visual Arts (2023 May).


Artist statement


I'm a multidisciplinary artist mostly working in textiles, based in New York City. My work examines the nature of existence through autobiographical observations I make on a daily basis in order to create a bond with my surroundings and to solidify a sense of groundedness. 


These observations are based on subtle details from the ordinary that often go unnoticed in the urban and natural landscapes and environments, but also on personal events and relationships. The examination is made by exploring various materials, which I interpret through a multi-dimensional space such as 2D, 3D, and 4D.


My process consists of discovering these subtle details through physical elements (photos, dirt, sand, hair, plastic, etc.) to collect and represent memories. Through transcending of times and places, I explore such details from the city streets to the oceanside as well as my childhood, adolescence, and adulthood. These fragments are assembled harmoniously (with a sense of humor), often through a shape of a thread. With them I map out my inner topography and interpret my own observations in life in the form of a visual diary.