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Act 4 | 2023 | sand, wool, threads, velvet | 37 x 41 in


“The Deep-Sea Comedy Show,” is a series of paintings and sculptures enriched with sand and embroidery. I embark on a journey into the uncharted depths of the ocean, inspired by the wonders of nature and the mysteries of the un- known. These works feature organic, fantastical sea-like creatures imagined through the intuitive application of various sands collected during my travels onto canvas. Alongside these imaginings, I incorporate embroidery, creating a mesmerizing interplay between the grainy texture of the sand and the intricate lines formed by the threads.

The series unfolds akin to a theatrical play, progressing through acts and scenes that evolve in material gradation and shape. Beginning with a serene first act, it crescendos into a chaotic final act, symbolizing an intriguing narrative.

Driven by a fascination for exploration and the allure of discovering new species, my contemplation delves into the mysteries of the Abyss and its enigmatic inhabitants. While humanity has made remarkable strides in discovery, the deep sea remains shrouded in secrecy due to the technological complexities of exploration. Within this series, I envision encountering extraordinary creatures inhabiting this unexplored realm, delving deep to animate these imaginative beings.

Through the use of sand as a natural medium, I forge a profound connection with the sea and nature itself. Sand symbolizes time, its gradual erosion mirroring the transformative journey of uncovering nature's concealed facets through human exploration. Conversely, embroidery symbolizes my human endeavor to honor and safeguard this untouched realm on Earth, preserving its essence for future contemplation and celebration.

Act 2 Scene 2 | 2023 | sand, cotton threads, pencils, acrylic paint | 37 x 75 in

Act 2 Scene 1 | 2023 | sand, cotton threads, pencils, acrylic paint | 42 x 70 in

Act 3 Scene 2 | 2023 | sand, wood dowel, wool, acrylic, handmade paper | 17 x 88 in

Act 3 Scene 1 | 2023 | sand, wood dowel, wool, acrylic, handmade paper | 16 x 83 in

Untitled, 2023, 49x49 in, sand, embroidery, musling cotton cavans.jpg

 Act 1 Scene 3 | 2023 | sand, cotton threads, muslin | 49 x 49 in

 Act 1 Scene 2 | 2023 |  sand, cotton threads, muslin canvas | 33 x 40.5 in

 Act 1 Scene 1 | 2023 | sand, cotton threads, muslin canvas | 51.25 x 11.25 in

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