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2020 - ongoing

In the performance, Bourcart is illustrating an ongoing process of knitting one common and iconic white with red lettering “Thank You” plastic bag.


There is an abundance of plastic bags still visible in our daily lives, hanging from trees, or handed over to us from a delivery person. Does the ban on plastic bags mean that we will actually stop using them? Will the artist stop knitting them and how long will the knitted object be when it is finally completed?


The performance underlines how difficult it can be to change habits. By creating an object that resembles a blanket that traditionally offers comfort, the artist reveals her own hesitation and struggle to stop using  plastic bags in her daily life. The comfortable relationship to the object obliterates the necessity to rid our society of an object that is more harmful than useful.

Check out the journey of The Blanket 

The Blanket - Art Performance | 2021 at the Pelham Art Center, Pelham, NY