Théodore Deck fragmenté


In 2014, I was asked by my hometown of Guebwiller, in Alsace, to create a series of artworks inspired by the designs of the famous, 19th century ceramist, Théodore Deck. The work of this eclectic and innovative artist, who is known, among other things for his intense “Deck blue,” occupies two floors of the museum in Guebwiller which bears his name.
After spending several days at the museum, shooting hundreds of photos of Théodore Deck’s ceramics, the idea came to me to use those photos to create a series of collages that would illuminate and celebrate Deck’s work by “fragmenting” and then reconstructing it.
Wanting to reflect the intense craftsmanship and artistry of Deck’s original pieces, I chose to approach my task manually rather than digitally. After editing the photos and printing them, I cut details into precise circles and rectangles, reconfigured these, and mounted them on archival paper.
The resulting exhibition of twenty four individual pieces of collage work draws upon six major themes explored by Théodore Deck: Rosettes, Nature studies with butterflies and bird medallions, Floral designs, Plates, Color scales, and Islamic-style Decoration.


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